3 Simple Wall Paint Ideas That Will Transform Your Bedroom Interior

Painting your bedroom walls can transform your sleeping space. In terms of paint colour, your choice of shade will impact the tone and mood of your bedroom. Darker tones may create a more seductive atmosphere, and add depth to the room. Whereas, lighter tones might create a refreshing and revitalizing atmosphere. 

But bear in mind, it is not all about colour choice when it comes to your bedroom’s interior. What you choose to do with those colours will have an impact on your bedroom’s transformation. Here are 3 simple wall paint ideas that could transform your bedroom’s interior. 

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1) Paint Walls Halfway 

Using an all-over colour on your bedroom walls can often feel overwhelming. Why not try a half-and-half paint treatment to create depth and excitement on your bedroom walls? 

Balance warm and rich colour paints with a neutral tone to soften the feel of the room. For example, one half of the wall could be red whilst the other half is a gentle cream, evening out the tones. Try using the darker colour at the bottom, and the lighter colour at the top. This will help to ground the room and provide a stunning backdrop for your bed. 

2) Paint a Curve 

Smaller bedrooms can sometimes feel plain and flat. Try creating a focal point as visual trick to create a special feature to bring the bedroom to life. Showcase furniture, such as the likes of a dressing table, by painting an arched or curved panel on the wall behind it, in a paint tone which contrasts the colour of the furniture. 

3) Paint a Fake Headboard  

Instead of splashing out on a fancy headboard for your bed, you could create a DIY one with paint. Simply pencil out your desired shape onto the wall behind the bed and paint the section of the wall with your chosen colour. 

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