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Prestige Painters, serving the wider Wellington area since 2020, offers top-tier interior, exterior, and business paintwork at competitive prices.

At Prestige Painters, our proficient team delivers an array of painting and decorating services for both home and business environments.

  • Renowned Excellence
  • 5-Year Workmanship Guarantee
  • Dulux Certified
  • Master Painters
  • BCITO Accredited and Apprentices
  • Porters Paint Gilded

Interior Painting Services in Wellington

Prestige Painters commits to unparalleled interior painting services across Wellington. Our skilled, BCITO-certified painters excel in meticulousness, driven by a passion for delivering standout results. We recognize the complexity of interior painting, hence, we collaborate closely with you to actualize your vision. Our aim is to surpass your expectations, presenting a visually appealing and enduring outcome. Our preparation process is comprehensive, ensuring a neat, flawless application. We safeguard your furnishings and floors, with our crew demonstrating respect for your space and routine. Our operations are scheduled to reduce any inconvenience, promising a seamless and hassle-free engagement. Prestige Painters stands as your go-to for superior interior painting. Arrange a consultation today and let us transform your space.

Exterior Painting Services in Wellington

For a revitalized home exterior appearance, Prestige Painters is your solution. Our experienced, BCITO-certified painters are committed to high-caliber exterior painting services in Wellington. Recognizing your home as a significant investment, we employ detailed preparation to guarantee a pristine and durable paint application. Initiating with an extensive pressure wash to eliminate grime and repairing any damage, followed by careful caulking and primer application, we ensure an attractive and uniform coating. With our 5-year painting warranty, rest assured of a lasting aesthetic enhancement. Our team operates with consideration for your schedule, aiming for minimal disruption. Choose Prestige Painters for an exquisite, resilient exterior painting project.

Roof Painting Services in Wellington

Elevate your home's appeal with Prestige Painters' expert roof painting services. Our seasoned, BCITO-certified painters are dedicated to exceptional outcomes, enhancing your roof's beauty and lifespan. Committed to a smooth and straightforward process, we start with a detailed inspection and preparation, ensuring a clean and enduring finish. Utilizing premium paint products and meticulous coverage, our roof painting not only beautifies but also protects against severe weather, prolonging your roof's durability. Trust Prestige Painters to rejuvenate your roof, reflecting your style and exceeding your expectations.

Specialty Coatings, Textures and Effects

Our specialty coatings and textures are engineered for durability, fade resistance, and lasting appeal. Employing advanced tools and methods, we achieve a flawless, professional look, rejuvenating your surfaces. We pride ourselves on detailed preparation, ensuring an efficient and tidy job. Our team respects your needs, scheduling work to limit any impact on your daily activities. Whether enhancing your home or business's look or adding character to outdoor spaces, our specialty options provide endless possibilities. With Prestige Painters, expect a top-notch finish that endures.

Plastering Services in Wellington

For premier plastering services in Wellington, trust Prestige Painters. Our adept, experienced plasterers are known for delivering exceptional finishes, surpassing client expectations. Whether updating a single wall or remodeling your entire home, we offer the expertise, tools, and techniques to achieve your desired aesthetic. Our specialists collaborate with you throughout, ensuring a personalized, timely, and budget-aligned project completion.

Commercial Painting Services in Wellington

Prestige Painters excels in commercial painting, catering to body corporates and commercial structures. Our BCITO-certified painters, armed with the latest in painting technology, guarantee a perfect finish. Understanding that your building's appearance reflects your business, we are committed to delivering extraordinary results. Tailoring our services to your vision, we respect your premises, minimizing disruptions to your operations. For both minor office updates and major commercial ventures, Prestige Painters brings your vision to fruition.

Property Maintenance Services in Wellington

Prestige Painters provides comprehensive maintenance for both commercial and residential properties. Our seasoned team manages all maintenance aspects, from painting and plastering to carpentry and cleaning, prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. We collaborate closely to ensure your property remains in top condition, whether managing a sizable commercial building or a small rental. Efficient and effective, our services minimize downtime, ensuring prompt and accurate completion. Contact Prestige Painters for reliable property maintenance services.

Prestige Painters - Master Painters

Superior Preparation for a Lasting Paint Job

Fed up with subpar painting services? Prestige Painters is your answer for superior residential and commercial painting in Wellington.

A Team Grounded in Equality, Education, and Respect

Prestige Painters values a team ethos of equality, education, and respect, embracing a diverse workforce. We emphasize training, ensuring our painters are BCITO certified or in apprenticeship, showing respect for your space and accommodating your schedule with minimal intrusion.

Exceptional Service From Skilled Professionals

Founded by Byron in 2020, Prestige Painters aims to offer professional, high-quality painting services in Wellington. With over a decade of industry experience, Byron's team is ready to meet your painting needs, ensuring top-quality workmanship for every project.

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Prestige Painters highlights the importance of thorough preparation for a neat, durable paint application. From exterior pressure washing to repair and precise primer and finish applications, our focus on detail and premium materials ensures your property is shielded against the elements, backed by our 5-year warranty.

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